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心齋 | 14th Sep 2006, 01:17 AM | 評論是對現實的不滿
I suddenly realize that my English level is deteriorating faster than I have ever imagine. So I am going to write this post in English.

So people nowsdays, especially those in university, are complaining what they learn is useless for what they are going to do. Nearly no job advertisement in the newspaper requires calculus or matrix. Why waste your time learning all those nonesense. It is even harder to face this absurdity when your professor simply sucks, or the course is as boring as in hell. "Why study something for nothing" is a question that keep lingering in our mind.

I think the main problem lies not in whether what you learn is useful, but rather you have tried to use it. There are many ways to Rome, some faster, some slower, some are more difficult and the other is so straight forward that when you drive on it you will fall asleep. But certainly, different routes will have different sights, and different sights will give you different inspirations. It may need some effort (money) to get there by plane, but it is faster, it is more elegant, and probably it will be more puctual. The same is true for computer programmes. Certainly you can use a pen and paper to record down your monthly income and expense. Theoretically, Excel is just something Microsoft invents to get your money and hence lower your quality of life. Nevertheless, using Excel can let you change the numbers more easily and perform calculation and organization more effectively. Similarly, for what you have learnt in school, they are not necessary for live (otherwise Homo sapiens will go extinct 6000 years ago in when none of the books in your library exist). They just provide one more option for you to choose from. You can feed your goldfishes very day by your bare hands, or design a electromehanical device that can feed
it every 9am and 9pm.

Knowledge is always not necessary for live or even some of the jobs. But it provide you with an option. It "liberate" you from the constraint of nature and ignorance. It is always useful if you use it. It is only useful when you start to think about how to use it. Remember that knowledge is for live, just like getting a job is for live, but not the other way round. Some people think that what their lives for are just getting a job and stick with it. They are good. They devote their entire lives for the well-being of the society, but not for themselves. But I am selfish. I am not going to devote my entire life to the people sitting next to me in KMB. I am going to make myself happy. I will use my knowledge for my live. I will use my job for my live. They are all means. What I learn is for myself, but not for the application letter.

Knowledge is always useful if you use it. It is only useful when you start to think about how to use it. Not for your CV, but for your live. Sometimes it is not bad to be a little bit selfish.

心齋 | 11th Sep 2006, 00:08 AM | 隨筆是一種閒談


  1. Generic Anatomy
  2. Human physiology
  3. Introduction to Biomechanics
    第一科和BME 直接有關的科目。其實並不是太困難(目前來說),只是不斷地計算moment 罷了,遲些會有些stress-strain property,但相比起alevel 的physics,難度都只是一般而已。我可是被中學的物理老師瘋狂操練過的耶!
  4. Introduction to Health Technology
    是一科簡介bme 各個研究範疇的科目。沒有考試的,做做工作紙就完檔。不過會有present。因為今年多了幾個professors,所以介紹的題目也豐富了!十分期待Dr. Mo Yang 的BioMEMS (原來這個字是讀 bio-mem-s)和Dr.Thomas Lee的biosenor!! Present 的題目也很吸引,我希望我的組可以做到 "Artificial vision" 這個題目,大家千萬不要和我爭!
  5. Computer programming
    就是學用C++寫電腦程式。嘩哈哈,因為以往自學過的關係,所以教的東西大部份都懂啦!我可是學到去class 和inheritance的人呀。wa ha ha ha ha!甚至對pointer 和array 也有少少認識啦。不過還是不要大意......programme 這東西寫錯一行就bye bye 了,學了多久也沒有分別.....
  6. Applied Mathematics
    這科........是我覺得最難的一科。對一個沒讀p.maths 的人來說,實在太可怕了.......要努力一點才可以......
  7. Introduction to logic
    wa ha ha,又是因為自學過的關係,所以也知道得不少。現在的logic puzzle實在有點困難,但logic 和logic puzzle 根本沒有大關係吧.......原來以為會教predicate logic 才報的。怎知不會教!可惡!被騙了。
  8. 急教
  9. 創意寫作
    不計credit 的中文增潤課程.......不計credit 嘛,就讀讀看啦。
  10. 輔學

就是說今個學期要讀十個科目。不過後三個是不計credit 的,在危急關頭可以不理。老實說,有點自殺的感覺。但year 1 的第一學期嘛,希望樣樣都試一下。讀不來就日後再追上好了。科目和我想像中差不多,也覺得頗有趣。但當你覺得很有趣但旁邊的同學不斷埋怨很沉悶時,著實是很掃興的........

上星期還見了academic advicer,他非常親切呢!在中大讀的credit也有望transfer 了!不過還不知道怎樣才能在中大那裏拿到成績transcript......


心齋 | 10th Sep 2006, 17:45 PM | 隨筆是一種閒談

In the end every questions will be answered, in one way or in another.

The point is always to have faith. 

心齋 | 6th Sep 2006, 00:21 AM | BME related

I've found a very interesing article outlining the history of biomechanics. It turns out that the "grandfather" of biomechanics is the dear Giovanni Alfonso Borelli, who started the mechanical investigation of the human body in 1680! His De motu animalium is probably the first literature deals with biomechanics directly. Here is a photo of the grandfather of biomechanics:




And a few photo of his masterpiece De Motu Animalium that I find here



His work is really amazing, remember that this work is published in 1680, more than 300 years from now! But I wonder why nowadays everyone wanna trace their original back to our good old Socrates?

心齋 | 5th Sep 2006, 19:50 PM | 隨筆是一種閒談